It Starts with an Idea    
Building foundations for technological innovation leveraging artificial intelligence.
Our Identity  
Stradigi Ventures is an AI-focused technology incubator and early stage investor based in Montreal, Canada.    
Since our founding, we have been a growth catalyst for innovative tech startups targeting emerging technologies in Artificial Intelligence. We are a team of executives, scientists, investors, and entrepreneurs with over a decade of experience in bringing products to market. Together, we aim to bring products to market, deliver growth and demonstrate scale for investors.
The Stradigi AI Ecosystem  
At Stradigi AI, we build innovative AI ideas within our lab, incubate them in our Ventures arm, and leverage our team of engineers & developers to take products to market that have a measurable, positive impact on businesses as well as consumers’ lives.
Stradigi AI is one of the fastest-growing tech companies in Montreal. As a leading AI powered solutions provider, and backed by an applied research lab, we are committed to bringing excellence & smarter results to international businesses.  
Our Portfolio Companies  
We’ve built a solid infrastructure for businesses to get their footing before takeoff.
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It’s the first step to growing.
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